Virtual tours

  • The drawing room

    Step into the drawing room and take a close-up look at the Parminter cousins quirky take on interior decoration. Then compare it with the Reverend Reichel's later attempt at Victorian modernisation in the same room. Can you work out which is which?

  • The gantry

    Jane and Mary Parminter built A la Ronde at a great vantage point in 1795, but it was Victorian gentleman owner Oswald Reichel who years later maximised the view from the house by building a viewing platform at roof level. Now you can start from the cupola and enjoy a 360 degree bird's eye view from the gantry.

  • Views from the gantry

    The site of A la Ronde was carefully chosen to provide a great view over Exmouth and the sea to the south and east; and towards the Exe estuary. Beyond to the west is the wooded Powderham estate. Look at the now familiar landmarks and perhaps imagine how different it would have looked in Regency times.

  • The Shell Gallery

    Around 25,000 shells plus additional materials went into the making of what is arguably the Parminter cousins most astonishing artistic creation. Years of painstaking work were involved in the creation, and it will be years before gentle repair of the entire ensemble can be completed. The virtual tour enables you to gaze in wonder at the detail and dedication of Jane and Mary in completing this work.