Abereiddi coastal change

Abereiddi beach in February 2014 © National Trust

Abereiddi beach in February 2014

This past winter’s combination of storm force winds, extreme high tides and flood water coming downstream has had major impacts on our coastline. One area significantly affected was Abereiddi.

The whole beach head and car park at Abereiddi has changed dramatically. Car parking at the beach has been reduced by approximately 50 per cent, and what remains is not of the standard that frequent visitors have been used to.

We own around 20 per cent of the land, north of the stream. This includes the remains of the quarry worker cottages which were inhabited within living memory, and hold strong connections with the north Pembrokeshire community.

Our approach

We’re resurveying our site as more of the historic remains were exposed by the storms. We’re also preparing to dismantle and salvage the seaward end of the cottages, making the material available for local conservation building projects.

The beach car park provides convenient access to Abereiddi beach, the Blue Lagoon and the beautifully scenic coast between Abereiddi and Porthgain. This access is important to the north Pembrokeshire tourism sector, from accommodation providers to outdoor activity operators.

Next steps

We are talking to the neighbouring land owner, County Council and National Park Authority about how access to our land at the north end of the beach can be improved along the inland route of the coast path (off our land).

There are many issues outside of our control that will need to be resolved, and we’re encouraging a partnership approach to finding the solutions and to ensuring that residents and visitors are kept abreast of developments.

Policy on coastal change

Our management of the remains of the quarry worker cottages at Abereiddi is guided by National Trust policy on coastal change, in the face of anticipated increases in sea level over the next 50-100 years. See: Living with change - our shifting shores