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Heathland is an important habitat for a variety of species.

Heathland is an important habitat for a variety of species.

The Wirral Countryside is a banner used to refer to the group of properties which now embraces Burton Wood in South Wirral and Heswall Fields on the Dee coastline in addition to Caldy Hill, Harrock Wood, Irby Hill and Thurstaston Common.

The properties, although small, contain within them a great variety of features: rolling open country, dense canopy woodland, Lowland heath and farmland, coastal cliff and some outstanding views.

Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing Ivy, David and frog © Jack Barnes

The National Trust are supporting Project Wild Thing in its bid to encourage families to have more fun in the great outdoors. So why don't you turn off the TV, grab your coat and come and explore.

Caldy Hill

The outlook from Caldy Hill is one of fine views over West Kirby and the mouth of the Dee estuary to the Clwydian Hills. Why not take a moment to relax and unwind, away from the day to day bustle of everyday life.

Heswall Fields

Heswall Fields is our only Wirral coastal  place. It has a strong sense of old rural charm. Sited by the shining waters and mudflats of the Dee Estuary, it is a remote yet therapeutic place to visit.

Don't forget to

  • Find our geocaches
  • Go bird watching at Heswall Fields
  • Enjoy the views from Caldy Hill
  • Admire the heather carpet at Thurstaston Common
  • Wander through the oak and beech trees at Harrock Wood

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