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What's here for families

Climbing a tree and looking at the views is just one thing the kids can do

Climbing a tree and looking at the views is just one thing the kids can do

At Carding Mill Valley you'll find lots to do to keep the kids entertained. Whether it's going for a walk to the top of the hill, playing in the stream, flying a kite on the reservoir bank or grass sledging on a piece of cardboard; you'll be able to fill a whole day with activities. Here you'll find ideas for some of the activities you can have a go at whilst visiting us.

Celebrating 50 years on the Long Mynd

In 2015 we are celebrating 50 years since the National Trust acquired the Long Mynd.

To commemorate this we have come up with 50 activities to do in the valley and on the hill.They cover a variety of things from spotting wildlife to having a go at activities like grass boarding and orienteering.

Have lunch with us

Kids can have fun playing in the tea-room while you enjoy a cup of tea

Head to the back room of the tea-room and there's lots to keep the kids entertained over lunch.

There are games for the kids to play, colouring in sheets and a small soft play area for the little ones.

Adventure Trail

Do a bit of bird watching in the bird hide while you are here

Go on an adventure and see if you can get to the reservoir without using the footpath.

Pick up a map and get exploring.

See if you can do the following

  • climb up the rope pull
  • build a den
  • scramble up the banks

50 things to do

Bring your list and see how many of them you can do here. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Climb a huge hill
  • Catch a fish with a net
  • Dam a stream
  • Go bird watching

Try out one of our new orienteering trails © National Trust/IsabellaFox

Try out one of our new orienteering trails

Try our new orienteering trails

 Come to Carding Mill Valley and you can now try our our new orienteering trails. There are three different grades to try, so you might want to start with the short course and work your way up to the long course.