Sleep under the stars

Go extreme with a high level canopy camp © Gareth Thomas

Go extreme with a high level canopy camp

Experience lighter than air camping sleeping under the stars at our woodland hammock camps and extreme canopy camps.

Midweek Canopy Camp

1 May, 3 July, 3 June & 4 September
£30 including food

Sleep out in a hammock and re-energise with a mid week nature fix! Arrive after work and be back in time for work in the morning.

There will be a roaring campfire and kettle, we'll have a traditional bangers, mash and beans meal (veggie option available) around the fire. Enjoy a relaxed fireside evening before retiring to your cosy hammock to sleep under the starlit skies. Wake in the morning to a campfire cuppa and breakfast before continuing your week refreshed and energised!

Low Canopy Camp

10 May & 6 September, Sat – Sun
£70 including evening meal and breakfast (£35 1st child, £30 additional children)

A weekend woodland experience sleeping outdoors cosy in a hammock, starlit skies, and campfire cooking. An inspiring way to experience sleeping out in the woodland.

Over two days we will experiment with a range of techniques for cooking on an open fire. Learn techniques for pitching a hammock and tarp efficiently and some useful knots. Choose your trees and set up for a cosy and comfortable night close to nature. A delicious campfire meal will be followed by relaxed conversation and storytelling before snuggling down in our hammocks. Wake to the morning sounds of the woodland and enjoy a fireside breakfast. We'll learn about no trace camping techniques while we break camp. With a final project and morning session of campfire cooking we'll enjoy a yummy treat before heading out of the woods.

Canopy Camp Extreme

27 June, 18 July & 3 October, Fri - Sun 
£250 per person, fully catered

Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep high up in the canopy of a tree surrounded by majestic branches? Well here's your chance.

On day one we will enjoy a campfire meal and sleep cosily in our hammocks at ground level enabling you to feel comfortable in your new bed! On day two you will be fully tutored in techniques of climbing the tree with the use of the rope and harness and have the chance to enjoy exploring the tree top world. Enjoy a relaxed lunch sitting up amongst the branches or cosy round the fire. The afternoon will be spent learning about and discovering some of the plant, animal, insect and bird life you may meet during your time in the tree tops. We will spend the evening round the fire and enjoy our campfire meal before everyone ascends to their beds for the night. Then lie back, relax and breathe in the woodland atmosphere.

Waking amongst the branches has to be experienced to understand the sheer exhilaration and sense of connection to nature. Your personal choice of breakfast will be delivered on a pulley up to your tree hammock.

For more details and to book your place call 07702 256 425 or email

Our hammock camps are just a small part of a whole heap of activities and workshops that we have planned for this year at Footprint. They’re all designed to help you get away from the daily grind and re-connect with nature.

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