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Atmospheric Irish gentry house and wooded riverside estate

Built in the 1820s, this handsome Irish gentry house is surrounded by its 130-hectare (320-acre) wooded riverside estate.

The former home of the MacGeough Bond family, a tour of this Neo-classical masterpiece reveals it is unchanged since 1900. The eclectic interior still evoking the family's tastes and interests.

Outside there are sweeping vistas, superb spring bulbs, scenic walks and fascinating courtyard displays.

A second-hand bookshop, adventure playground and Lady Ada's award-winning tea-room provide retreats for children and adults alike.

Summer time

Summer visitors enjoying the garden

The summer months are here and it’s time for you to start exploring. We’re open daily July and August, 12-5pm. Enjoy our glorious gardens and cool down with an ice cream.

Victorian weekend

Enjoy a delightful afternoon tea

Join us on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 August for your chance to see what really goes on in the big House. Enjoy afternoon tea, dress up in Victorian clothing and play traditional games.

Fresh look

Call over to The Argory to see our new signage

The new signs around the courtyard and estate have helped tremendously and the colour slate grey was picked to match in with the slate on the buildings. Why not call over and see for yourself.


Go wild in the woodlands at The Argory

Kids having fun in the new play trail at The Argory

Kids having fun in the new play trail at The Argory

The Argory trail extends out from the existing play area and includes an impressive jungle climbing frame that will challenge even the most daring of girls and boys. Children of all ages will enjoy the amazing woodlands and be inspired to create their own stories and games as they play. Come along this summer and see the new trail and let your imagination run wild!

Outdoor explorer

Become an outdoor explorer this summer 

Get the little ones outside to kick start our 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

  • Skim a stone
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Go bird watching
  • Canoe down a river
  • Find your way with a map and compass