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We have nearly 10,000 items in our collection at the Carriage Museum. See the artefacts we have in store and discover how our collection came together.

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Speaker's State Coach

The Speaker's State coach in new home. © Guy Harrop

New to our collection in 2011 and on loan from the Houses of Parliament, the Gold Coach is a gem of engineering, design and aestheticism. This golden wonder will be housed at Arlington for the next five years.

Attention to detail

Detail of painted glass from the hearse in the Carriage collection © National Trust Images/Mark Bolton

While carriages are fundamentally a mode of transport, our extensive collection allows an appreciation of their elegance and beauty. Heralded as the Ferraris of their day, carriages were made to reflect their owner's taste and status.

Learn how to travel in style

A driver's eye view from a carriage © Penny Hewitt

Our interactive displays at the Carriage Museum allow you to explore a whole range of carriages for gentry and commoners. You can discover which suspension method gives the most comfortable carriage ride and learn more about travel by horse and carriage.

Caring for carriages

Our team work relentlessly to keep our carriages in fair condition

Our team work relentlessly to keep our carriages in fair condition

This season we've been offering mini talks and demonstrations by our knowledgeable conservation team on how we care for and protect our carriages. Using the links below you can see them in action and read about our conservation methods.

Caring for carriages: pests

Caring for carriages: Speaker's State coach

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Explore our collection of carriages. From the grandest state occasion to our inevitable end, there's a carriage for all purposes.