House & collection

Architectural Marmite

Explore the 19th-century Greek revival-style house and servants' quarters © Arlington Court staff

Architecturally Arlington Court is a fascinating building which either inspires with its clean lines, or displeases with its grey boxy silhouette. However, once inside its imposing facade, everyone is united in praising the homely and elegant charm of the rooms.

All things great and small

The smallest model ship in the collection measuring just over 1cm long © Arlingon Court Staff

The Chicester family liked to collect many things, and made no discrimination in size or materials. From collage pictures made of shells, to model ships made of bone, there are many artefacts to enchant and delight.

Collections online

The collection at Arlington Court contains nearly 4,000 items, many of which were assembled by the Chichester family. 

Pewter pieces

Pewter display

This is a particularly good collection with many important pieces dating from as early as Roman times. It includes some particularly important pieces from around the world.

More about our pewter pieces

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1865 exhibition

A momentous year for the Arlington Estate - the bride, the house and the baby. This year marks 150 years - in an exciting new display you will be able to learn about the pivotal events of 1865.

Explore our history

  • Mapping the past

    Find out how the Arlington estate has evolved over more than 600 years.

  • Family values

    Discover more about the Chichester family and their passion for collecting.

Five fascinating facts

  • An original William Blake picture was found on top of a wardrobe in 1949
  • The cellars under the house contain the original kitchens but you can't get inside at the moment as they are occupied by several species of bat
  • The last heiress, Rosalie Chichester, left the estate to the National Trust in 1949
  • The Chichester family were avid collectors: cabinets of shells, model ships and pewter can be found in most rooms of the house
  • Recent archaeological work has uncovered some traces of a medieval village that originally stood on the location of the front lawn

Family fun

Dressing up fun in the Carriage Museum with Dandy

What better way to explore than by having fun and dressing up in outfits? You will find them in the Carriage Museum (along with Dandy our wooden horse) and the Explorer room in the house.