Oxburgh Hall Rewiring Drawing Room

The Empty Drawing Room at Oxburgh Hall © Ilana Van Dort

The Empty Drawing Room at Oxburgh Hall

The electricians have started their work in the South Corridor, Saloon and Drawing Room and there are floor-boards up everywhere! We have lost power to the plug sockets in certain rooms, so we are doing our best to keep the relative humidity at an acceptable level in these rooms by plugging heaters into sockets in adjacent rooms and using long extension leads.

On Tuesday, our regional conservator, Chris Calnan, helped us to protect the nineteenth-century wallpaper around the gilt-metal wall-lights in the Drawing Room. A brass picture rail runs along the top of the wall, so we were able to attach thin translucent plastic sheets to this rail, then cut a hole in each plastic sheet to allow access to the light-fitting below. This also gave us the opportunity to check the condition of each light-fitting and make minor repairs where necessary.

National Trust staff from two other properties, who are anticipating large-scale projects to take place in ‘their’ houses in the near future, visited us this week to learn about how we have managed our project so far. It was a useful exercise for all concerned, as it is always interesting to hear about what is happening at other properties.