Spring to life at Ickworth

There are literally carpets of Snowdrops at Ickworth in early Spring © Sean Reid

There are literally carpets of Snowdrops at Ickworth in early Spring

Nothing lifts the spirits more than the start of spring, and at Ickworth you’ll find plenty of signs in the coming weeks that the natural world is waking up.

Springing to life

Lambs born in the last cold, dark days are one of the first signs of spring and they’re in plentiful supply in the park – around 2,000 lambs are expected to be born at Ickworth this season.

The park is teeming with other creatures too, as wildlife comes out of hibernation and birds and animals start to get themselves ready for the busy breeding season. Birds can already be seen squabbling in the branches, and foxes are out and about marking their territories. Later in the spring, if you’re out in the woods and are very quiet, you may see fawns and hear the distinctive call of cuckoos.

You may even catch a glimpse of some of the park’s rarer creatures. Cast your eyes downwards to spy rare insects such as the oak jewel beetle and the soldier beetle, and if you’re here at dusk, look upwards to see how many of the nine species of bat found at Ickworth you can spot.

Blossoming to life

If spring flowers are your thing, you’ll love the changing display of colour from the whites and yellows of the early snowdrops and aconites found in Geraldine’s and Erskine’s walks to the multi-coloured array of spring bulbs in the West Border, Italianate Garden and the Magnolia Garden, and of course the magnolias themselves when they come into bloom. Other areas not to miss are the Cedar Meadow with its displays of daffodils, and the Spring Garden where narcissi, grape hyacinths and lilacs – and many more – blossom.

Bringing Ickworth to life

And it’s not just the fauna and flora you’ll find beavering away at Ickworth this spring… our staff and volunteers will be preparing to welcome the extra visitors who come as the days turn warmer and lighter, the gardeners will be hard at work on the new orchard and annual flower meadow this year, and the rangers will be out and about making sure paths are safe and routes around the park properly waymarked.

There are lots of special spring events on too, from holiday trails for the children to guided walks for all the family. Check out our events to see how Ickworth can put the joy into your spring.