Best of Baroque at Powis Castle


The impressive ballroom at Powis Castle © NTPL

The impressive ballroom at Powis Castle


Sunday 10 March, 2-4pm: By Le Jardin Secret in the 17th-century Ballroom at Powis Castle in Powys.

The programme was inspired by the castle’s historical links to the exiled court of King James II at St Germain-en-Laye and included music for soprano and chamber ensemble by Couperin, Charpentier, Carissimi and Innocenzo Fede.

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Sunday 10 March, 8:30pm: Live drama (in full costume) ‘The Misanthrope’ from the Ballroom, Powis Castle

The English Touring Theatre Company and the Liverpool Everyman Playhouse presented Roger McGough’s twist on Moliere’s Baroque drama The Misanthrope, a tale of manners and morals set amid 17th century French aristocracy.