My first sighting of a porpoise

The beach near Trwyn Cemlyn, Anglesey © National Trust

The beach near Trwyn Cemlyn, Anglesey

It is said that people always remember where they were at momentous moments in global history. World-changing events burn their place on our memories, but there is one magical wildlife moment that has an equally powerful impact.

Your first sight of a sleek fin cutting through the waves is a sight nobody could ever forget and sparks an excited tale at each recollection.

The waves were high, the rain persistent and the wind was trying its best to bully me off the coast path in Cemlyn one October day a few years back when a movement at sea caught my eye.

The glistening blue black fin of a harbour porpoise slid beneath the waves only to pop up again seconds later, a little further along. I stood rooted to the spot watching as it effortlessly appeared and disappeared, holding my breath each time for its return.

I wasn’t around when Kennedy was shot and I may not always remember what I was doing when great historic events took place, but I will never forget that sight, that day in that incredible place.

Tracey Prichard, Ty Croes, Anglesey