Rewiring project at Oxburgh Hall, 3 December 2012

Oxburgh Hall North Staire scaffolding © IIana Van Dort

Oxburgh Hall North Staire scaffolding

This has been a comparatively quiet week for the House team. We have continued packing some of the smaller items in the Drawing Room in preparation for emptying the room in January. The electricians have been working hard and are on course for completing some of the work ahead of schedule.

It was discovered that rewiring the light fittings in the North Stairs and the Attic Stairs would require small scaffolds to be built, so a specialist company spent a morning erecting scaffolds in these areas. The North Stairs, in particular, is a vulnerable area, with early eighteenth century leather wall-hangings and fragile portraits on display.

The idea of manoeuvring metal poles and long planks of wood in the vicinity of these was a bit nerve-wracking, so members of the House team were on hand during the process to ensure that it went smoothly. The scaffolders were extremely careful and the scaffolds went up without a hitch.

Our plan for the next couple of weeks, leading up to Christmas, is to reinstate the North Bedroom and the Attics. Reinstating the Attics will entail carrying the contents of four attic rooms from the Queen’s Room, down the narrow brick spiral staircase, through the King’s Room, along the North Corridor and up the Attic stairs. Needless to say, plenty of cake will be required to keep us going!

We’ll take the opportunity to reorganise the layout of the attics, which has been a little higgledy-piggledy. One attic will be reserved for papers and textiles; one for metal-ware and large wooden items such as doors; one for furniture, paintings and taxidermy; and one for the use of our sewing group, education department and flower arrangers.