W/C 18 February

Rolling the carpet in the Saloon at Oxburgh Hall © Ilana Van Dort

Rolling the carpet in the Saloon at Oxburgh Hall

We have spent this week reinstating the contents of the South Corridor, Saloon and Drawing Room, and getting all the downstairs showrooms back to normal in time for opening to visitors on 9 March. This entailed putting carpets back in place, moving furniture and unpacking numerous boxes of small collection items. Trevor Proudfoot of Cliveden Conservation helped us to lift the three marble busts into place in the Library.

We wait now only for specialist assistance in lifting some especially heavy display cabinets and for our Dining Room table cloth to return from the launderette, so we can put the finishing touches on the showrooms.

We are delighted and relieved at how relatively smoothly the project has gone. It is lovely to get the showrooms and offices back to ‘normal’ and we look forward to reaping the benefits of our improved lighting and heating systems.

Thank you for following our progress!