The Traditional Building Skills Bursary Scheme

Alex Rose Deacon, bursary trainee, examining a selection of finials © Traditional Building Skills Bursary Scheme/English Heritage

Alex Rose Deacon, bursary trainee, examining a selection of finials

In 2006, and in partnership with Cadw, English Heritage, ConstructionSkills and the National Heritage Training Group, the National Trust established a Traditional Building Skills Bursary Scheme throughout England and Wales.

This scheme was set up to address some of the skills shortages and gaps within the traditional crafts and built heritage sector and help to build diversity in the workforce in England and Wales and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The scheme has been extended until May 2015, specifically to help displaced apprentices.

Why do we need the scheme? 
The economic landscape of the construction sector has been dramatically affected by the recession, as a result the workforce is reducing and businesses have collapsed. This programme is aimed at supporting ‘displaced apprentices’ - learners who are partway through their training but have been disadvantaged through a funding or placement anomaly and hence are unable to continue their training and complete their apprenticeship. The reason for their displacement could be through a lack of funding, loss of job opportunity, or through moving location. The learner must have achieved a Level 1 vocational qualification in their trade to be considered eligible for the Scheme.

How does the scheme help?
With the aid of a Heritage Lottery Grant the displaced apprentice will be placed in employment and become a traditional building skills apprentice. They will work towards their vocational qualification in a specific trade and gain experience working in the Heritage Sector.

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