Knole schools' programme

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Knole is almost unique in Britain: an enormous medieval, Tudor and Jacobean mansion with a treasure trove of rare and precious items collected over hundreds of years, surrounded by the last remaining medieval deer park in Kent. Our experienced and awardwinning learning team are always delighted to help you to get the most out of your visit, whichever activities you choose.

Key Stage
Curriculum areas Activity
1, 2 History, PSHE Costume tour: explore key showrooms of the house in high quality, handmade costumes, stepping back in time to the Tudor period. By taking on the role of a particular character at Knole, each child will learn about life in this great country house four hundred years ago.
1, 2 History, PSHE, Science Handling collection: open our ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ chests, unwrap a wide selection of replica Tudor artefacts and find out about aspects of everyday life in Tudor times, including food and drink, heating and lighting, school, work and play and health and hygiene.
2 History, Geography The Courtyard trail invites children to unravel the history of the house for themselves by answering quiz questions about the building materials, decoration and architecture in the two main courtyards.
1, 2, 3 Science, Geography, History Park walk: venture into the ancient park, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, to learn about its history, as well as the deer and other wildlife.
2, 3 History, DT Costume demonstration: find out about the many layers of costume worn by a rich Tudor lady by watching a lady’s maid dressing her mistress for a visit to the Queen’s court.
2, 3 Art, History Paintings: discover the symbolism and history in our portraits, which span four centuries and include Tudor royals such as Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Edward VI.
1,2 Music, PE, History Music and dance: see how music was made in Tudor times, and learn a dance. Children are welcome to try playing the instruments. Limited availability – please check first.
2,3 Science, Geography (tourism) Conservation of the collections: find out about the science behind the battle to preserve and protect Knole's unique and fragile collections. To be piloted in 2014 - please contact our Learning Officer about availability and details.

Visiting dates and times
We welcome schools on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the open season (from 10 March to 23 October 2014). Most schools arrive around 10am and leave at lunchtime or at 2.30 pm.

Normal admission prices, or EGM* members free, plus: £6 per child for a full day, and £4.50 per child for a morning visit. Secondary school visits are priced individually, according to the tours or activities required.

Preparing for your visit
1. Telephone or email us first to make sure that the dates you require are available.
2. We send a booking form and insurance form for you to complete. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to 'National Trust') on the day of your visit or we can invoice the school afterwards.
3. Part of the day involves being outside. The show rooms are usually at least as cold as the outdoors! Ensure your group is dressed appropriately.
4. For school visits, responsibility for pupils’ behaviour rests with the teacher at all times.
5. All school groups must provide a minimum of at least one adult (not including National Trust staff or volunteers) for every ten children in order for the activities to take place.
6. We will be pleased to welcome you for a free preview visit to show you our facilities and discuss risk assessments and detailed visit requirements.

* Education Group Membership is open to all schools and home educators and is valid for a year. Please contact us for more information or call 01732 467155 / 462100.