The Philadelphus and Rose Gardens at Blickling

 © National Trust

The latest project on which the gardeners are working has involved a massive clearance of laurels and rhododendrons in part of the Wilderness, creating space for a Philadelphus Garden. This is situated between the Secret Garden, established in the 1930s by Norah Lindsey, and the new Rose Garden, due to be completed in the next year or two.

The planning of the Philadelphus project is in the hands of the Deputy Head Gardener, Stephen Hagon, who last year completed 40 years service for the Blickling Estate.

The design of the rose garden is the work of Head Gardener, Paul Underwood. When it is in full bloom you will be able to admire some 2000 rose bushes.


Work on both areas is undertaken by the regular staff and volunteers, and has to be slotted in alongside their regular duties. The dreadful weather of 2012 delayed much of the rose garden work as quite often staff had to be diverted to other duties in dryer surroundings.

It also served to identify areas of the ground that are liable to water-logging so now drainage cisterns have been constructed where the clay soil has proved difficult to manage.