Malham Tarn inspires Yorkshire film

Screen shot from Lad: A Yorkshire Tale © Chris Hodgson

Screen shot from Lad: A Yorkshire Tale

Malham Tarn Estate in the Yorkshire Dales provides the stunning backdrop to BAFTA award winning filmmaker Dan Hartley’s debut feature film, Lad: A Yorkshire Story.

Shaped by the director’s own experience of growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, Lad follows the story of 13-year-old Tom Proctor (Bretten Lord), whose life falls apart when his dad dies.

As Dan explains the decision to shoot on location in the Yorkshire Dales was close to his heart,

'Malham has always held a special place for me. My dad used to run a shop in the local village and I spent a great deal of time on the Malhamdale estate, exploring the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.

'Whether fishing on Malham tarn or walking across the precipitous limestone pavement, the landscape never ceased to inspire.'

As well as the rolling hills and moorland of the Malham Estate, we also provided a rangers’ workshop for the crew to shoot scenes between Tom and Al Thorpe (Alan Gibson), the ranger who befriends the grieving teenager.

Martin Davies, Property Manager at the Malham Tarn Estate described the experience,

'The crew were looking for a workshop to set up scenes between the Lad and the ranger as they prepared their tools and started their days work out on the Dales.

'Luckily for them our workshop is crammed with the equipment my team and I require everyday to look after this beautiful estate, from hard hats to forks and spades- so there’s real sense of authenticity in these scenes.'

As well as offering a sneaky peak into work involved in caring for the Malham Tarn Estate the film’s location fees are helping Martin and his team continue to look after this special place.

From March 28th Lad: A Yorkshire Story will be screen in all fifteen of the UK’s National Parks.