The mystery of Agatha’s nightdress

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During the most recent winter clean of Greenway house a nightdress belonging to Agatha Christie was found. After being hand laundered it is now on proud display for the first time, in the wardrobe leading from Agatha’s bedroom.

A bit of detective work

How do we know that it belonged to Agatha Christie? There are two clues on this item that give its ownership away. First is a name tape sewn into the back of the nightie’s collar, and more interestingly the name ‘Agatha Miller’ is hand written on a hem down the front of the dress, which suggests that she owned it before getting married for the first time.

A special find

Lucinda Heron, the house steward, tells us all about the discovery: ‘This is a very exciting find for us. We found it at the back of our stores screwed up and in very poor condition, but after hand-laundering we noticed that it was not only very beautiful but also a personal item of Agatha Christie's. It's a fantastic Edwardian nightdress, with mother of pearl buttons and broderie anglaise, but is made even more special with its personal connections.’

Now on display

Along with the nightdress there are two other never before seen outfits belonging to Agatha Christie on display. These are presented on life-size models that have been specially made to match Agatha’s size and shape. All these items can be seen in the wardrobe leading from Agatha’s bedroom.