Try these 50 Things at Knole

The Top Ten 50 Things at Knole

Knole’s a perfect place to start or add to your 50 things passport. Ask in our visitor centre about our 50 Things satchels, bursting with everything you need to make ticking off your list easy and fun (free, but deposit required).

    6 Run around in the rain

    Wet weather fun at Rievaulx Terrace

    While we’re all hoping for a dry summer, if the rain clouds do appear, put on your wellies and come to Knole’s parkland to jump in puddles, splash about and watch raindrops sliding down leaves.

    12 Make a trail with sticks

    Knole's the perfect place to find fallen sticks. Weave in and out of the bracken, along the gallops and round the ice house for a real adventure. Pick up a free park map in the visitor centre to help you.

    13 Make a mud pie

    A child with muddy hands

    What better way to spend some creative time than making a mud pie - the bigger the better. Just watch out for the deer droppings.

    18 Create some wild art

    Inspiration is everywhere in our parkland for you to make a work of art from nature. Or join us on a Family Monday where we'll share arty tips on a different theme each time from the beautiful parkland around us.

    22 Explore inside a tree

    Tree fun's right on our doorstep. Being an SSSI means many of our old trees have been left to fall and decay naturally, so they’re perfect for peering through, ducking under or exploring inside. To find the best ones, join a free guided park walk.

    31 Hunt for bugs

    We've lots of bugs here, mostly eating dead wood from fallen trees. Knole Park is home to special rare dung beetles too, feasting on deer droppings.

    33 Catch a falling leaf

    You don’t have to venture far from our park gates to find falling leaves at Knole. From horse chestnut to oaks, why not try and catch as many different shaped leaves as possible?

    34 Track wild animals

    Knole's famous for its Sika and fallow deer. Keep your eyes peeled to spot both species. Draw their different features in your passport.They’re wild animals though, so watch them from a distance and keep your sandwiches well out of their reach.

    44 Go bird watching

    A child bird watching in the park

    Become a bird-watcher in our parkland. If you decide on the spur of the moment to tick this one off your 50 Things list, we've binoculars to buy in our shop. We’ve already spotted jackdaws using deer fur to line their nests this year, so do let us know if you see any other unusual sights.

    45 Find your way with a map and compass

    Children have a go at orienteering

    With 1000 acres of parkland to explore, you might need a map and a compass here. Collect a free park map from the visitor centre or stop by the shop to buy a mini Ordnance Survey map of the local area and have fun exploring.