Cliveden - 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

There’s plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in the gardens and woods here whatever the weather. How many of the 50 things can you tick off your list?

Here’s our pick of some of the best things to have a go at on your own at Cliveden. If you haven’t got your 50 things scrapbook yet, or would like some further pointers, pop into the Information Centre in the car park when you arrive.

    Build a den (number 4)

    Den building

    Head for the woodlands where you’ll find branches galore to build a perfect den. If you’d like some pointers, then look out for ‘Clive’s Den’ that we’ve built near the play trail.

    Run around in the rain (number 6)

    Playing in the rain

    You can still have fun on a rainy day… pull on your wellies and come and hunt for some puddles.

    Fly a kite (number 7)

    Fly a kite

    Bring your kite to the paddocks and see if you can catch the breeze (or, if there’s no wind, how about a kick about on the nearby football pitch?).

    Make a trail with sticks (number 12)

    Making a trail with sticks

    Pick up sticks – or fallen leaves – in the woods or gardens and lay a trail for your family to follow. Please don’t pick sticks from living trees or plants though.

    Hunt for bugs (number 31)

    Taking a closer look at wildlife

    Discover the world of creepy crawlies in our woodlands - take a look under logs or small stones but make sure you put it back once you've had a peek.

    Go bird watching (number 44)

    Going bird watching

    Cliveden’s a haven for wildlife – keep your eyes peeled and listen carefully. To get a closer look, don’t forget your binoculars or you can buy a children’s pair in our shop.