50 things to do at Moseley Old Hall

In our woodland at Moseley Old Hall there is the chance to have a go at many things on your 50 things to do before you're 11¾ list. Rain or shine you'll be ticking them off in no time!

    Make a mud pie

    Mud pies at Moseley

    Moseley's mud kitchen is open for business all year round. Come along and get stuck in, be creative with pots and pans, sticks and stones and mother nature's essential ingredient mud. No matter how good it looks though, don't eat it by mistake.

    Cook on a camp fire

    Fire pit cooking at Moseley

    Check out our monthly If you go down to the woods... activity weekends to find out when we're cooking around our firepit. You might make nettle soup or bake an apple. We can't make a Sunday roast but you might toast a marshmallow on a stick.

    Hunt for bugs

    Bug hunt at Moseley

    You and the family can always discover some exciting bugs of all sorts hiding in our garden and woods. We'll help you out with identifying them at some of our If you go down to the woods... weekends. Remember to be gentle with these mini-beasts and make sure you put them back where you found them.

    Make a trail with sticks

    Creativity with sticks

    There are at least 100 things to do with a stick at Moseley: make a trail, build a twig tower, stick weaving; we even know how to make a catapult or a broom. You can lay your own trail anytime you like, go round trees or over logs. Where will your trail lead?

    Build a den

    Den building at Moseley Old Hall

    Any time you want to come along to build a den at Moseley, we have the materials if you have the imagination. You can build your own secret place to escape anywhere in the woods, big or small, get a team together and start your project.

    Go on a walk barefoot

    Children making footprints in the mud

    Follow in the footsteps of King Charles II as you wander through our woods barefoot, he had to walk miles and miles in badly fitting shoes when he was escaping Parliamentary soldiers. Make sure you bring something to clean your feet before you put your socks back on. 

    Create some wild art

    Tree faces at Moseley Old Hall

    Help yourself to our natural materials and release your inner artist. Find things that are different colours and textures to make something really interesting. Don't forget our Activity Afternoons on Mondays and Tuesdays in the summer holidays.

    Make a grass trumpet

    A peacock, its tail fanned, in the grounds of Moseley Old Hall

    Squeak and squawk like a peacock with a grass trumpet. For the loudest squeak, make a hole in the grass with your fingernail then put the grass in between your thumbs, press your lips together and blow. Do it on your own or create a family orchestra of grass trumpeters.

    Visit a (mini) farm

    Egg collecting at Moseley

    You can help us collect eggs from our chickens and ducks at 1pm every day we are open. We can't guarantee there will always be eggs but we promise you'll enjoy meeting our chickens and ducks. Don't forget to wash your hands if you have touched any farmyard animals.

    Catch a falling leaf

    The knot garden in autumn

    Can you be quick enough to catch a falling leaf? This is especially fun in the autumn in the woodlands at Moseley. On a windy day, stand so the the wind blows into you to help bring the leaves towards you.