A spot of tea-room history at Lyveden

Enjoy your tea and cake in a beautiful and historic place © National Trust/T Bradshaw

Enjoy your tea and cake in a beautiful and historic place

The Cottage at Lyveden tea-room opened in April 2013. As it is located a stone’s throw from the New Bield, you can enjoy your tea and cake accompanied by a truly stunning view.

The cottage itself has an intriguing history. It was built around 1690, using abandoned stone from the New Bield. For years it served as a small farmstead and gamekeeper’s lodge, even after the National Trust acquired Lyveden New Bield.

In 1847, the tenant farmer living in the cottage died. His wife and daughter were evicted from the cottage as females could not inherit a tenancy. There were many curious objects listed in the inventory, one of the most obscure being a ‘squirrel in a cage’.

The Cottage at Lyveden tea-room, now open for business

The cottage has recently been transformed, whilst still retaining an historic atmosphere, and is now open to visitors. From 10.30am to 4.30pm, it offers delicious homemade treats, refreshing tea and coffee, and a comfortable place to escape from passing showers.

The project was generously supported by Northamptonshire ACRE, which aims to support the development of tourism within the county.

Come along for a visit

Whether popping in for a quick cuppa, treating yourself to a cream tea or some cake, or enjoying a little savoury something, the Cottage at Lyveden tea-room is well worth a visit.