Robert Alexander Greg Biography

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In 1900 Robert succeeded his father Edward Hyde Greg as Master of Quarry Bank Mill. 

Robert was born in 1867 and was the fourth son of Edward Hyde and his wife Margaret Broadbent. He was educated at Yarlet Hall preparatory school before he joined the family business in 1886. Following in the political footsteps of his grandfather and father, Robert became a magistrate for the County of Chester in 1903.

Life as a Soldier

Outside of his role of master of the Greg business at Quarry Bank, Robert was a very keen soldier and joined the local Volunteers, Wilmslow Detachment, in 1889, advancing through the ranks. In January 1900, he transferred to the 3rd South Lancashire Regiment and was deployed to South Africa to serve in the Boer Wars (1900-1902), interrupting his early years of involvement at Quarry Bank Mill.  

Upon the outbreak of the First World War, (now) Major Greg was again called up to join his regiment He was charged with guarding the docks of Liverpool from Gladstone Dock to Herculaneum and was sent to Edinburgh in command of a special mobile Battalion in late 1914. In October of 1915, he was promoted to command the 3rd Battalion the Cheshire Regiment and during this time was also promoted to Colonel. After the war ended he returned to resume control of the Mill.

Home Life

Robert married Mildred Worthington in 1906 and they had one son, Thomas Ronald Tylston Greg, who died at the age of 9. Robert was a keen photographer and we hold a great many of his photos in our archive, which provide a wonderful insight to life at Quarry Bank for the Greg family. Robert also loved animals and he had several dogs, often the focus of his photography.

A Time of Change

Robert oversaw many repairs and renewals during his time, with the replacement of the waterwheel by turbines (1904 – 05) and the introduction of automatic Northrop looms (1909).

On March 31st 1923, Robert, the sole proprietor of the Mill under Robert Greg & Co., relinquished his position and formed Quarry Bank Mills Company Limited, a private company. The directors were registered as: Colonel Ernest William Greg CB, Mr Edward Hyde Greg (Jr), Lieutenant Colonel Robert Alexander Greg CBE, Colonel FR McConnell and Major Hugh Stuart Greg. Mr S.H. Henshall was appointed as general manager.

Robert remained the figurehead of this new company, but moved to Hertfordshire (his wife died in 1914) and left the day to day running of the Mill to his brother Ernest William. He spent his years in Hampshire gardening and tending to a herd of Jersey cows, as well as becoming a Rural District Councillor and a County Magistrate for Hampshire, until he died in 1953.