Creating a dawn chorus on Twitter

A mass tweet-in has created a new Dawn Chorus of tweets... © Claire Reddleman/Natasha Vicars

A mass tweet-in has created a new Dawn Chorus of tweets...

As part of our support of Chelsea Fringe Festival 2013, we created a mass tweet-in at dawn on Sunday 9 June at #dawnchorus on Twitter.

Dawn Chorus was led by a core group of seven writers stationed at our places across the capital as well as at Keats House. Anyone could participate in this open performance - a creative mass observation on Twitter.

Birdsong at dawn is widely understood to be a vocal defence of territory. In Dawn Chorus the writing was specific to each writer’s location, tracking the changes in the environment through the dawn hours and the meeting of city with nature.

Creative writers, poets, bird lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and the wider public were invited to tweet about a place that is special to them.

The tweets produced have now been collected and published online.

See the text we created (using the Issuu website)...

About Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus is an original concept by Natasha Vicars that has been developed through collaboration with Mary Paterson and the following writers: Joanna Brown, Tiffany Charrington, Eddy Dreadnought, Sally Labern and Tamarin Norwood.

Dawn Chorus was part of our innovative partnership with Chelsea Fringe - the annual alternative garden festival. 

With special thanks to the Poetry Society for inviting its members and young poets to join us.

Thank you to Keats House, Hampstead, for hosting writer and artist Tiffany Charrington.