Help us bring four Philip Webb sketches home

The Lion, one of the four images

The Lion, one of the four images

Latest update 17.05.2013 15:56

We have launched a campaign to bring four beautiful Philip Webb sketches home to Wolverhampton for display at Wightwick Manor.

The Webb Drawings

The Webb drawings of a hare, fox, raven and lion, were the original designs for a William Morris tapestry called The Forest, which was first exhibited in Wolverhampton at the 1887 Arts & Crafts Exhibition and is now owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum. Webb was a life-long friend, collaborator and business partner of Morris.

Wightwick Manor

Built for local industrialist Theodore Mander in 1887, Wightwick Manor is widely regarded as having one of the finest interiors of the Arts & Crafts movement in Britain today with rooms furnished in Morris & Co. textiles and wallpapers.

The Appeal

We have launched this acquisition appeal to ensure that the four beautiful Webb drawings are returned home to Wolverhampton and displayed alongside Wightwick’s other important Pre-Raphaelite pieces.

Please help us

If we succeed in our campaign to buy the drawings they will be displayed at Wightwick Manor as well as lent to other museums and galleries for temporary

To help us secure these works of art, for ever and for everyone, we need to raise a further £50,000 – please help us if you can, even a small gift will make all the difference to us.

To make a donation on-line visit or in person at Wightwick Manor’s Visitor Reception.