Women of the Greg family

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Elizabeth Rathbone 1790-1882

Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel Greg. She married William Rathbone V, who came from a Liverpool merchant family. In the 1832 Liverpool cholera epidemic, Elizabeth and Kitty Wilkinson (a former apprentice of Caton Mill) established a system to wash the bedding and clothes of the infected to try to stop the spread of the disease, which led to the foundation of the first public wash houses. Elizabeth later advised William Forster, a Liberal MP, on the 1870 Education Act which provided the framework of schooling for children aged 5-12.

Caroline Greg 1828-1865

Caroline was Robert Hyde Greg's daughter. Unfortunately she was nearly always unwell and she died before she was 40. She never married and this seems to have been a cause for concern amongst the family. However, Caroline was a brilliant artist and left behind some truly beautiful watercolours not only of Quarry Bank but of all the places she travelled with her family.

Elizabeth Mary Greg 1861-1943

Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Russell Greg, and great-granddaughter of Samuel Greg. She embarked upon several travels around the world with her friend. Together they visited China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka as well as Canada and North American. In later life she cared for several girls who were, in most cases, orphans or deserted by their mothers. She kept a record of where they were from and where they went when they were older. The girls often wrote to her after they left.

Margaret Greg 1892-1992

Margaret was the daughter of Ernest William Greg, and sister to Captain Arthur Tylston and Robert Philips Greg, both of whom died serving in World War One. Margaret was an AVAD nurse throughout the war, in Northern France, and she later married a doctor. Margaret was the last family member to see her brother Arthur alive before he was shot down in an air battle.

Marian Allen b.1894

Marian was the fiancée of Captain Arthur Tylston Greg who was shot down in World War One. She received a small amount of fame for her beautiful poetry inspired by her separation from Arthur whilst he was at war and later her grief over his death. Her poetry collectively is known as "The Life and Death of Arthur Tylston and poems of remembrance". It is speculated that she later became Sister Janet of St Mary's School in Wantage as she never came to terms with Arthur's death.