Teacher resources for Reigate Fort

There's so much to do, see and learn at Reigate Fort. We can organise a tailored visit for your class, or look at our teacher resource sheets to get some ideas for your visit.

There's lots of parking at Wray Lane car park, RH2 0HX (not NT), and it's a walk of approximately 200m over the footbridge to Reigate Fort.

Please email us for more information.

    Introduction to Reigate Fort

    By the 1850s, Britannia wasn't really ruling the waves any more. France was Britain's main adversary and the British government was getting seriously worried that new and powerful warships from France could come to attack our shores. Reigate Fort, part of a chain of defences along the North Downs, was built to prevent an attack on London by the French.


    Your class could carry out a comprehension activity on the fort or develop arguments for and against its restoration. You could write some non-fiction text and use it to create a visitor leaflet with the Geography – Mapping Reigate Fort activities.


    Geography helps us to understand the word around us. This resource pack will help your pupils to interpret maps so they can understand the location of the fort. And it will help them to develop practical map-reading skills too.

    Designing uniforms

    Can your pupils compare military uniforms worn at Reigate Fort with modern ones - what are the main differences? What's important in a military uniform? Email us to find out about our living history days with the 10th Essex Living History Group so your class can see costumes up close.