50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Morden Hall

We have a fantastic park for you to explore. It’s full of lots of stuff for excellent adventures whatever the weather. These are our top ten 50 things you can do here, so head for Morden Hall Park and start ticking activities off your list.

    01 Climb a tree

    A man climbing a tree

    Discover the old yew tree in the rose garden, perfect for climbing. How high can you climb?

    04 Build a den

    Building a den - One of the

    Visit our natural play area. You will find lots of dead wood, branches and sticks to build a great den.

    11 Go on a really long bike ride

    Children enjoying a bike ride

    The Wandle trail runs right through our park so grab your bike and see how far you can get.

    18 Create some wild art

    Making wild art

    Gather some leaves and sticks to make a sculpture or picture. Leave it for others to see or take it home to remember.

    19 Play pooh sticks

    Families playing Pooh sticks off the white bridge at Morden Hall Park, London

    Find the perfect stick and challenge your family to a game on our white bridge over the river Wandle.

    23 Visit a farm

    Deen City Farm lies to the north of Morden Hall Park, London

    Get up close and personal with new furry friends at the delightful Deen City Farm, just a short stroll along the Wandle trail.

    31 Hunt for bugs

    A dad and his family of young children proudly showing their minibeast catch

    We’ve plenty of places that minibeasts can hide in our park. Turn over the logs, lift the leaves or dig in the mud.

    41 Plant it, grow it, eat it

    Child learning about gardening and growing your own vegetables

    Visit our engagement garden by the café on Tuesday mornings to meet our gardener and start to grow your own vegetables.

    44 Go bird watching

    Remember to stay quiet birds get frightened off easily

    Head to the wetlands and watch carefully and you might see something unusual or spot one of our regular visitors like a little egret or parakeets.

    45 Find your way with a map and compass

    Morden Hall Park families exploring the park

    Purchase your map from the shop and try out our orienteering trail designed by the Mole Valley Orienteering Club. Can you find all of the marked posts in the park?