Outdoor learning at Killerton

Killerton offers a stimulating outdoor classroom: an extensive area of woods, parkland and open spaces for pupils to immerse themselves in the natural world, engaging in problem-solving and team-building activities.

Look through the list, see if there is anything that suits the learning outcomes of your class and download the teaching pack for information.

    Mini beast safari

    Investigate the natural world in a variety of habitats. Help children develop a sense of awe and wonder, as they discover the range of creatures that lurk in the hidden world of the forest floor.

    Plant hunters

    Participate in a voyage of discovery. Follow in the footsteps of the explorers who introduced new natural treasures to Killerton’s landscape. Learn about the adaptability of plants and trees brought back from exotic locations worldwide, and take part in the story of our famous plant-hunter William Lobb.


    Set your children a challenge. Can they successfully read a map in various forms, solve problems and work as a team?

    Our orienteering sessions demand good communication skills and team involvement and provide plenty of fresh air and exercise.

    Bear hunt

    Imagine the challenges of hunting a bear and enjoy a story-based session that will help your children extend their speaking and listening skills.

    Creep through secret paths and sneak into the magical hut that once housed a real-life bear.

    Earth walks

    Interact with the natural world.

    Take time to use all the senses to explore ways of communicating thoughts, emotions and experiences using a range of creative and personal skills.

    Dragon quest

    Are you brave enough to climb the side of an extinct volcano to find where Dolbury the dragon lived?

    Explore and use the challenge cards to complete the challenges in a self-led activity.

Killerton has an extensive outdoor offering for a successful school visit.