What's in the drawers at Mr Straw's?

Postcard album containing 300 cards at Mr Straw’s House, Nottinghamshire  © Mike Kennedy

Postcard album containing 300 cards at Mr Straw’s House, Nottinghamshire

The team at Mr Straw's House have been making some exciting discoveries and seeing objects in the drawers in the house for the very first time.

A wonderful postcard album containing around 300 postcards, collected by William in the early 1900s, has been thoroughly checked and catalogued by Trevor Winfield, one of the Collection Management System volunteers.

The details of every single postcard, both front and back, had to be checked and recorded, which took Trevor 15 hours just for this one album.

This has been a time-consuming process but it will allow these fantastic images to be available to everyone via Collections Online from the comfort of their own armchairs or on the systems at the property.

Delving into the Straw family history

Trevor is a relatively new volunteer at Mr Straw's house. The Collections Management Systems project has allowed him an opportunity to explore more deeply into the story of the house and the family's history.

As Trevor is also one of the Room Guides at Mr Straw's House, he will be able to use all of this new knowledge to enhance visitors' experiences.

Trevor told us, 'it is really exciting to be involved in this CMS project as it will add to the story of the Straw family as well as making the artefacts accessible to everyone through electronic means. I do feel very privileged to be allowed to view and catalogue the huge number of items left at the house by William Straw.'

Just the beginning

This is just the beginning of a very exciting time at Mr Straw’s House as the team continue to catalogue their discoveries. Throughout 2013, and possibly beyond, follow their work and learn more about this fascinating house.