Matthew Oates - National specialist on nature


Matthew Oates butterfly spotting on Collard Hill © Brian Cleckner

Matthew Oates butterfly spotting on Collard Hill


Matthew Oates
National specialist on nature
Heelis, Wiltshire

Butterfly expert, author, poet…Matthew Oates is something of a Renaissance Man. Celebrating 50 years of butterflying in 2013, Matthew is one of those rare ecologists with a background in the arts – his passion for butterflies matched only by that for the great English poets Coleridge and Edward Thomas.

Graduating in English, Matthew then moved into the world of nature conservation and has been at the Trust since 1990. He is particularly drawn to people’s relationships with nature, places and seasons, and increasingly the impact of weather on wildlife.

Matthew is well known to the media. He’s made a number of appearances on BBC Radio 4 - from the Today programme and Shared Earth, to presenting two short series: In Pursuit of the Ridiculous and In Pursuit of Spring. His TV credits include The One Show, Springwatch, Great British Summer and Butterflies - A Very British Obsession.

It may come as no surprise that Matthew has more than 100 ‘favourite’ places, from Rodborough Common in the Cotswolds to Selborne Common in Hampshire and Arnside Knott in Cumbria. As he says: 'It’s impossible to visit one of our places without discovering something new, often about oneself. My job is a voyage of discovery.'

You can follow Matthew on Twitter and on his blog.

To get in touch with Matthew please contact our press office on: 0844 800 4955.