Learning at Giant's Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway - a geological wonder © National Trust / Art Ward

The Giant’s Causeway - a geological wonder

Northern Ireland’s iconic World Heritage Site and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a geological wonder and home to flora and fauna of international importance. Unlock the secrets of the Causeway landscape with the interactive exhibition in the Visitor Centre.

Early Years, Foundation, KS1 and KS2

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, Physical Development and Movement, PDMU, The World Around Us

Giant discoveries
This programme will give your pupils the chance to become intrepid explorers for the day and unravel the science behind the magical rock formations. Introduce your pupils to the legendary Giant Finn McCool and investigate the other real life characters of the Causeway. Each pupil will also be provided with an activity booklet to take back to the classroom.


KS3 and KS4

Subject: Geography, Geology

Geology rocks - exploring the Giant’s Causeway
During this session your students will be guided through our ‘shaping and formation’ area of the interpretation zone. This will provide an exploration of the physical processes involved in the formation of the breathtaking Giant’s Causeway. From the Centre, students will be led on a teacher-tailored guided walk of the Causeway in order to witness geology in action. This programme is supported by a student workbook which can be completed back in the classroom.


KS3 and KS4

Subject: Conservation, Geography, Geology, Travel and Tourism

The Giant’s Causeway - managing a World Heritage Site
This session allows your students to explore the Visitor Centre and Giant’s Causeway site to investigate it from a tourist perspective. Using the Tourist Information facilities and Rangers Station within our Visitor Centre, students will follow the fascinating journey from the devastating fire that destroyed the original Giant’s Causeway visitor facilities through to the heneghan peng masterpiece unveiled in the summer of 2012. This programme is supported by a student workbook which examines the changing face of tourism in Northern Ireland, the Visitor Centre ‘journey’ and ongoing management of Northern Ireland’s only World Heritage Site. The programme can also be tailored to FE students studying towards a Travel and Tourism qualification.

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