Learning at Springhill

Experience life at Springhill during the Second World War © Peter Nash

Experience life at Springhill during the Second World War

Springhill’s welcoming charm reveals a family home with portraits, furniture and decorative arts that bring to life the many generations of Lenox-Conynghams who lived here from 1680. Pupils can step back in time to World War Two and enjoy seasonal events.

The Arts, Language and Literacy, The World Around Us

Teddy bears’ picnic
A wonderful opportunity for children at pre-school or foundation level to learn more about co-operation.

Foundation and KS1
PDMU, Thinking Skills, The World Around Us

Changing times
A special tour of Springhill House and a visit to the Victorian schoolroom allow children to explore how people and places have changed over time through dressing in costume, playing with toys and enjoying games of a bygone era.

KS1 and KS2
Subject: The Arts, Thinking Skills, The World Around Us

Happy Hallowe’en
This exciting, fun-filled Hallowe’en programme allows children to learn about various Hallowe’en traditions through craftwork, discussions and team games. Children will follow the spooky trail to solve the Hallowe’en mystery. Children are encouraged to come in Hallowe’en costume.

Christmas capers
Pupils can celebrate the magic of Christmas from a bygone age through artwork, music and games. Children will be involved in carol singing and will receive a beautiful gift from Santa in his magical Christmas Grotto.

Subject: The World Around Us

World War Two ‘The evacuees’
Pupils take a tour of the estate with the Women’s Land Army and hear about the regiments stationed at Springhill. Receive ID cards and experience the effects of rationing and make do and mend. ‘Run for cover’ in a practice air raid and assist the women in the search for an escaped prisoner.

Thinking Skills, The World Around Us

Pupils will meet estate worker, Alice Morrison, and other costumed characters who will bring the Victorians to life. Discover the duties of the estate workers, housemaids, kitchen maids and stable boys, and meet Miss Wallop in the schoolroom where they must be on their best behaviour!

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