Learning at Florence Court - KS2

Explore and engage with the natural world  © John McVitty

Explore and engage with the natural world

Set peacefully amidst sweeping parkland and lush woodland, Florence Court is the 18th-century former home of the Earls of Enniskillen. Its stunning location on the Fermanagh-Cavan border makes it the perfect place to explore heritage and environment. Florence Court brings places to life for children of all ages.

The Arts, The World Around Us

Victorian Christmas Crafts
Explores how the Victorians influenced our Christmas traditions and gives hands-on experience in Victorian craft work. Pupils take home up to three hand-made creations. Meet the cook in the Servants Hall as she prepares for Christmas.

The Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, PDMU, The World Around Us

Water explorers
An investigation into the importance of water as a habitat and a precious resource. Pupils will spend time pond dipping and examining their finds. See how water was harnessed on the estate by exploring our working sawmill, hydraulic ram and ice house. Emphasis on eco-systems, wildlife and human impact.

Woodland explorers
An exploration of the importance and value of woodlands as a habitat for wildlife. Pupils will be investigating leaf litter, tree identification, plant mapping, human impact and conservation.

Language and Literacy, PDMU, The World Around Us

Earth caretakers
A whole day outdoors, full of stimulating activities that teach appreciation, awareness and care for our planet. Topics include endangered species, food chains and pyramids, photosynthesis and our environmental footprint.

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