50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Woolbeding

The gardens are a great place to explore; with hidden tunnels, secret pathways and lots of local wildlife. Start your outdoor adventure and pick up a 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ activity booklet from visitor reception.

Here’s our top five things to do...

    9 Eat an apple straight from a tree

    A girl picking apples in the fruit garden

    Whether you like crunchy, juicy, sweet or sour nothing beats an apple straight from a tree.

    16 Make a daisy chain

    A photograph of a child making a daisy chain

    Venture down to the abbey ruins for the best supply of daisies, look out for ones with long stems to make the best chains. Why not turn your chain into a bracelet or headdress?

    25 Make a grass trumpet

    Child blows grass trumpet at Charlecote Park

    Pick a clean, wide blade of grass and strike up your favourite tune. There’s plenty of lawn to find the perfect trumpet and lots of space to practise.

    31 Hunt for bugs

    Bug hunt

    Bugs love gardens; search under leaves and in fallen bracken to find creepy crawlies or find some flowers and see if you can spot bees and butterflies.

    44 Go bird watching

    Remember to stay quiet birds get frightened off easily

    Just past the summer house you’ll find our bird hide and hopefully some feathered friends. How many can you spot?