Cliveden South Terrace Slide - sliding safely

Slide to save the South Terrace at Cliveden © National Trust / Sally Ann Norman

Slide to save the South Terrace at Cliveden

Latest update 01.10.2014 13:49

The South terrace slide is open weekends until Saturday 19 October, 1-4.30pm then daily Saturday 25 October - Sunday 2 November, 11am-3.30pm (subject to slide and weather conditions). We have a few sliding rules that we ask you to follow, to help you stay safe as you slide:

  • All children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult to access the viewing platform and should seek permission from parents/guardians before using the slide
  • There is a limit as to how many people can access the viewing platform at any one time and this will be controlled by a member of our team. At busy times you may have to queue
  • If you are pregnant, suffer from a medical condition or are feeling unwell, please don't use the slide before seeking advice from a medical professional
  • All sliders must use the sliding mats provided and slide feet first, sitting up, with their feet securely inside the bag, holding onto the handles provided
  • Each slider must use their own mats unless a child is under 1.1m tall in which case they must slide in the same mat as an adult (16+), making sure that their hands and feet are inside the mat. Child riders over 1.1m must slide on their own
  • The slide has four lanes and there is a maximum of one sliding mat per lane at any one time. ‘Trains’ are not permitted. A member of our team at the top of the slide will let you know when it's safe to start sliding
  • Please do not slide carrying handbags or rucksacks or wearing loose clothes such as scarves or hats
  • Unfortunately pushchairs are not allowed on the viewing platform but can be left at the entrance
  • The slide will be closed during wet weather and will remain closed until the surface has completely dried
  • The viewing platform and slide may be closed at any time at the National Trust’s discretion

Please note that opening of the South Terrace slide is subject to both slide and weather conditions and consequently the slide may close at short notice.