Slide to save the South Terrace at Cliveden

Take on the challenge of our giant slide © National Trust / Bex McAllan

Take on the challenge of our giant slide

Latest update 24.04.2014 15:57

350 years of glory have taken their toll on the South Terrace

This year we're re-building the main staircase that leads from the South Terrace to the Parterre as well as working on the western façade. At nearly 350 years old, the South Terrace is the oldest part of the entire estate and it's in desperate need of attention.

In the pursuit of pleasure

For three centuries the gardens were the playground of Cliveden's owners and their guests; designed purely for pleasure. Today we want to keep that spirit alive so as we continue to work to save the South Terrace we've found a way to bring back our giant stainless steel slide that was so popular last year.

Slide to save the South Terrace

This year you can go up to a viewing platform at the western end of the Terrace to get a view over the conservation work as it progresses. We've re-installed our giant slide on this scaffolding so children and brave-hearted adults can head back down to the Parterre in just five seconds - far more fun than taking the stairs. Help us by making a suggested donation of £2 to the project and you'll be sliding to save the South Terrace.

Open weekends and holidays, 1-4.30pm (subject to slide and weather conditions).

Slide statistics

  • The slide is 22.5m long (including a 9.5m run out)
  • 4 people can ride at any one time
  • It'll take 5 seconds to get from top to bottom
  • The average speed is 8 miles per hour but you could reach speeds of 15-18 miles per hour on the steepest section
  • The slide is made of stainless steel and weighs 3900 kilos

Sliding safely

To make sure that you stay safe as you slide, please follow our sliding rules