What, no plant labels?

Lawrence Johnston didn't label any of his plants © Mark Bolton

Lawrence Johnston didn't label any of his plants

Lawrence Johnston's Hidcote was private and secluded. It was his garden for his enjoyment. He never intended it to be a botanical show garden. To keep his spirit alive, you'll find very few of the plants labelled today.

Why don't you label the plants?

This must be one of our most frequently asked questions.

Our label experiment

We have experimented with plant labelling in some areas of the garden. However, we found that where plants were labelled, often more significant plants were trodden on and lost in order to reach the label.

Unfortunately, large numbers of labels also went missing during the experiment which impacted on our finances.

We've therefore decided to present the garden much as it would have been in Johnston's day - a private, plantman's garden.

How can I find out the name of a plant?

Luckily, there are lots of ways to discover what grows at Hidcote. Here's just a few ideas;

  • iPhone app - got an iPhone? If the answer is 'yes' then you can download our app while you're here using the wifi in Winthrop's Café. You can also find out what's in season and how to be a greener gardener
  • Ask a garden guide - our friendly team of volunteers are only too happy to help solve your plant dilemna
  • Buy a plant list - a list of some of the plants found growing can be bought from the visitor reception or shop. Keep a look out. A new version containing photos is on its way
  • Pick up a plant enquiry form - forms are available in all of our outlets. Make a note of its description and where in the garden it's found growing and our garden team will email you its name
  • Take a photo - email us a picture of the plant and we'll let you know what it is
  • 'Like' us on Facebook - keep up to date with what's looking good on our social media pages
  • Don't miss our 'worth seeing today' board - some of the plants that are looking great are listed on the board just outside the visitor reception
  • Plant ident - we've even got a plant ident table in the plant sales centre so remember to take a look before you leave

So while you won't spot a label in the garden, there are loads of ways to find the answer.