Telling the story of Downhill with your smartphone

New app brings to life the history of Downhill Demesne © Marleen de Kramer

New app brings to life the history of Downhill Demesne

Working with the University of Ulster, an interactive challenge based app has been developed to help you explore Downhill Demesne and discover its stories.

‘HistorySpace – Downhill Demesne’ is a free app available on iOS and Android which gives you the opportunity to go exploring with the help of GPS and motion gesture. This unlocks interactive games, challenges and activities based around the history of the Earl Bishop and his staff.

A great new way to uncover the rich story of Downhill, the new app brings history and heritage into the digital age. You can dip in and out of the challenges and it’s complete free to play with no set route. You simply explore the estate at your own pace and along the way discover the music, art, legends and stories of the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.

You can download the app on iTunes and GooglePlay – search for ‘HistorySpace Downhill’. We’d love to hear what you think so give it a go and tell us about your experiences at or tweet us @NTDownhill

History Space was developed by the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster as part of a wider trans national project under the title, TG4NP. Find out more about the App at