We ask why Presenter Julia Bradbury enjoys walking

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Julia Bradbury
British Television Presenter

As part of the Great British Walking festival we wanted to find out why British Television Presenter Julia Bradbury enjoys walking so much?  The much loved Countryfile presenter explains how it all stems from sharing her dad's passion for walking.

'My lovely dad shared his passion for striding off into the great outdoors with me while I was growing up. He has such a detailed knowledge and understanding of how the countryside works that I soon fell head over heels in love with it too. The more miles we walked the more smiles we shared and its been an utter privilege for me to have the opportunity in turn, to pass on my enthusiasm to so many other people through my DVD's and television programmes'.

We wanted to find out Julia's favourite place to walk in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

'People always expect me to say The Peak District, The Lakes or Rutland because it is where I grew up, went with my Dad, and its such fabulous walking country. But because of my job I live in London now and so getting back to these places as much as I used to just isn’t possible. Sometimes I just want a walk somewhere near by that's reliably nice and I’ve found Osterley Park is a brilliant place that's close to me for a stroll anytime of year. Osterley is only a few minutes walk from the tube and has become a regular retreat when London gets too claustrophobic. The farm shop sells brilliant organic vegetables, its got a to-die-for house, ducks to feed, and some great dress up events for the kids that makes it particularly perfect for families. The walks there are really accessible too and I find a couple of laps around the Lake and I’m always more ready than I was for whatever else the day brings'.

Autumn is a special time of year to get out in the fresh air and to witness the spectacular autumn colours, unusual fungi popping up and deer rutting, so we asked Julia why walking in the autumn is so special for her

'Autumn is all about conkers for me. As a kid I used to love all the ferreting around for the biggest ones, prizing open the shells without getting prickled and then there was all the trading that they inspired at school - brilliant! I used to think it was hilarious the way people used to pickle them in vinegar, bake them in the oven or paint them with nail varnish to try win. I’m rather pleased that my son has given me the perfect excuse again to get back under the Chestnuts every year - and there's hardly a better thing to do with a space shoe lace from a worn out walking boot (let alone the last drops of an old nail varnish bottle!)'.

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