Discover secret places

Have you ever wondered what’s hiding behind a door that is always closed? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to nosey in the drawers and cupboards in your favourite National Trust place.

This autumn, across the Midlands, we are opening up all sorts of secret places for you to explore.

    Open for the first time

    During your next visit to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire you could be lucky enough to see parts of the Chapel that are normally firmly closed to the public: access the organ loft or even look into the workings of the clock tower.

    Ask the team on site what will be open for you to explore.

    Take a peek inside

    Not only will you be able to see the map room at Coughton Court in Warwickshire for the first time, but you’ll be able to look inside furniture that hasn’t been on display before or peep into the intricate workings of the house’s clocks.

    Calling all book worms

    In the heart of Worcester you will find Greyfriars' House and Gardens and this autumn you can learn more about the contents of their fascinating library.

    Venture into the cellar

    Moseley Old Hall once held the biggest secret in England – the place that Charles II was hiding.

    This autumn find out how his hiding place links to another local 17th century building, the skills our ancestors relied on during that time and see into the cellar – a rare opportunity.