Take a look back at our White Cliffs appeal

We take a look back at our White Cliffs of Dover appeal.

From the people who supported us and their kind words to a month-by-month account of the appeal developments, from launching the appeal in June 2012 to raising the £1m we needed to secure the final stretch of these iconic cliffs.

    June - White Cliffs appeal launched

    White Cliffs of Dover from above

    We launched the biggest ever coastal appeal needing to raise £1.2m to buy a 0.8 mile stretch of the White Cliffs of Dover. This would be the final piece of the jigsaw meaning that we would care for the most iconic stretch of this world famous Kent coastline on behalf of the nation. Historian and television presenter Dan Snow supported the appeal 'It's brilliant they have a chance to secure this important section...'

    July - Showing support behind the appeal

    A side view of the cliffs at Dover

    Household names including Dame Vera Lynn, Dame Judi Dench and Paul O'Grady throw their support behing our appeal. Dover born singing sensation Joss Stone said 'I love Dover and the White Cliffs. They mean so much to me and i hope that the National Trust raises enough money to buy the land for future generations to enjoy'.

    August - First writer-in-residence

    Clifftop at Langdon Cliffs, White Cliffs of Dover

    In August the White Cliffs get their first writer-in-residence, the philosopher Julian Baggini, to muse on their meaning as a symbol of the nation. He spends the week wandering the cliffs, talking to local people and experts about why they have become such a potent symbol.

    September - Reaching the magical £1m

    A view of the cliffs in the morning light

    Thanks to thousands of people and organisations the appeal reaches the magical £1 million barrier in under 100 days, meaning one final big push would reach the target.

    October - 'A home on the rock'

    A beautiful sunrise, dawn at the White Cliffs of Dover.

    'A home on the rock' by Julian Baggini is published following his week at the White Cliffs. The conclusion: they can become a sign of a positive patriotism for the nation.

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    Paul Rees, White Cliffs Volunteer

    'For me, the appeal of this area is in its natural and human history. Combine this with its special atmosphere which cannot be bettered which changes according to the weather from bright and sunny with terrific views, to mysterious in fog with the sound of fog horns, to dramatic in strong winds and crashing seas. I hope that in the future, the wider coastal area will revert to natural chalk grassland'.

    Gareth Wiltshire

    'As someone who was born in Dover, I have a natural connection to the cliffs; they are a symbol of the town and the area. During the appeal I have been delighted to see so many other people respond to them in the same way, although personal to me they seem to have a shared national identity that everyone can identify with.

    Dame Vera Lynn

    A view of the White Cliffs of Dover from below the visitor centre.

    'Congratulations on achieving your goal, because I think it is imperative that this piece of famous land should be kept within the Trust. It means so much to so many people, including those involved in the Wars past and present, and their families'.

    Dan Snow

    Dan snow - historian, author and television presenter

    'When I heard the National Trust was campaigning to safeguard their future… I thought great! It’s brilliant they’re looking to secure the coastal path for ever, for everyone.'