All about apples

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If the nation were to vote on their favourite fruit, we’re pretty sure this would be the winner. Who doesn’t like apples? Children love them, adults love them, Eve was a big fan. We even hold apple days across the UK to celebrate this versatile fruit. They have come to symbolise love, knowledge, and temptation. We also heard that one a day keeps the doctor away.

So this autumn let the kids loose in an orchard to eat an apple straight from a tree: number 9 on our 50 things list. Just make sure they have permission from the owner of the orchard first.

Recommended picking spot:
Stonehenge Landscape has an excellent track called the apple track which was an old military railway and is fantastic for foraging. It has lots of old apple varieties and many other sources of wild food.’
- Ben Cooke, ranger

Apple days and orchard festivals
Loads of places up and down the country will be celebrating the orchard harvest and will be welcoming you along to help out and taste some for yourself.
Find an apple event near you.

Cooking tips:

‘Apple and Orange crunch - prepare apples as you would if making a crumble and add some orange zest, butter some slightly stale white bread. Cut some bread into triangles then lay it evenly across the apples. Sprinkle with brown sugar and bake till golden and crunchy....delicious.’
- Ginny Brown, Facebook

‘Squirt apple slices with a little lemon juice before baking to keep them pale and crunchy.’
- Lucinda Barton, Twitter

Recipe ideas: