Meet Simon Damant, ranger at Wimpole

Simon Damant, ranger at Wimpole, with Michael Buerk © National Trust

Simon Damant, ranger at Wimpole, with Michael Buerk

Simon Damant
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire

Simon has worked at Wimpole for 18 years
From potato picking and soil science to mountaineering and the T.A., Simon tried his hand at a whole host of jobs around the globe before he landed a forestry role at Wimpole.

Simon says: ‘It was only supposed to last 6 months at Wimpole but 18 years later and I’m still here. I’ve travelled all the way around the world to find out that there is just as much to find out right under your nose.’

Best part of the job?
‘Watching the work the forestry team has accomplished grow and bloom: flower rich hay meadows, margins and woodland rides along with the tree and hedge planting and rejuvenation of old hedges by coppicing and hedge laying. I love seeing the people who work with me enjoy the work they do and how they develop their rural skills.’

What filming were you involved in for Inside the National Trust?
‘I cropped up in lots of different places. I had Michael doing some forestry work, hedge laying, taking part in a scything competition...all hands on work but he seemed to enjoy it.’

Favourite filming moment?
‘There isn't just one, in fact it was lovely to work with the team, very easy going and enjoyable.’