Meet Jess Marczewski, assistant house steward

Jess Marczewski, assistant house steward at Wimpole © National Trust

Jess Marczewski, assistant house steward at Wimpole

Jess Marczewski
Assistant house steward
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire

Jess has worked at Wimpole for 3.5 years and been at the Trust for 5 years in total
Jess completed a degree in Ancient History at Bristol University and, after discovering office work wasn’t for her, started at the Trust with a full time voluntary placement at Dyrham Park, before working at Oxburgh Hall and finally moving to the Wimpole Estate.

Favourite part of the job?
Jess says: ‘I love the variety that each day brings. One minute I could be cleaning and checking over a book from 17th century, the next I will be on the roof checking the gutters. You have to be prepared to take on everything that is thrown at you.

'I also adore the people I work with - staff and volunteers - I know people say it all the time but I couldn’t ask for more fun, friendly, hardworking and caring colleagues.’

What filming were you involved in?
‘I've been filming bits and pieces since we opened the house in February, showing the more routine parts of my job, like opening and closing the house and various cleaning tasks. My partner, Simon also works at Wimpole and we have been filmed together a bit…we even went out into Wimpole’s parkland on a foraging spree with Michael Buerk.’

Most memorable filming moment?
‘My most memorable moment was standing on the front steps of the hall with Vick (Wimpole’s House Steward) after a frantic first day of the open season. The whole team had worked so hard to get the house open and ready for our visitors, and it felt really special to be standing next to a great friend, talking about what Wimpole.'