Meet Roy Henderson, valley ranger in the Lakes

Roy Henderson, valley ranger in the North Lakes, and his dog, Daisy © National Trust

Roy Henderson, valley ranger in the North Lakes, and his dog, Daisy

Roy Henderson
Valley ranger
North Lakes

Roy has worked for the Trust in the North Lakes for 29 years
Roy says: ‘When I was 13 I did my Duke of Edinburgh award and came to the National Trust for my service. I worked with the then valley ranger and loved it so I came back weekends and school holidays as a volunteer. When I left school at 16 I was lucky enough to be offered a job with the Trust in the Borrowdale Valley and I'm now the valley ranger here. I still enjoy going to work as much today as I did back then as a volunteer.’

Best part of the job?
‘The variety of work and the stunning scenery is what keeps me here; I do anything from maintenance of gates and fences to guided walks with local schools.

'When I started working for the Trust the ranger at the time told me this was a way of life, not a job and this is something I’ve embraced. I also believe strongly in the founding principles of the organisation - for ever, for everyone. That's a long time. And a lot of people.'

What filming were you involved in for Inside the National Trust?
‘Anything from assessing an old mine and sheep rescue (which I don’t count in my paid working hours but comes as part of the territory) to setting up the Derwent Water regatta and leading a map reading course. They also filmed me getting to know Daisy and training her as a ranger dog.’

How was filming and doing all that hard work?
‘I've really enjoyed the process despite being a bit apprehensive at first.’

Any filming bloopers?
'I'm sure it's all in the edit; they will either make me look like an enthusiastic fool or a blithering idiot. Let's wait and see!