Meet Amanda Thackeray, head gardener at Wordsworth

Amanda Thackery, head gardener at Wordsworth House, Cumbria © National Trust

Amanda Thackery, head gardener at Wordsworth House, Cumbria

Amanda Thackeray
Head gardener
Wordsworth House, Cumbria

Amanda has worked at Wordsworth House for 10 years
Amanda says: ‘I have worked at Wordsworth House and Garden for 10 years (with a year off with my youngest daughter). Before that I worked as the head gardener in a private 5.5 acre garden in Perthshire, Scotland. As head gardener here, I manage the Georgian town house garden with a team of amazing volunteers, from running garden events and tours to working on visitor enjoyment and dealing with budgets.

Best part of the job?
‘Surprisingly I like weeding, it’s a very peaceful pastime. But probably my favourite is engaging with visitors and explaining how we run the garden on organic principles, with a wide range of heritage plants that make the ideal environment for our under threat bumblebee - we have six varieties. I do so love my bumbles.’

Favourite filming moment during Inside the National Trust?
‘Absolutely dissolving into a fit of giggles, with the entire RDF team laughing away in the background, as the face pack I had put on Michael started to ooze down his face. I tried to remedy this by placing Michael’s hands on the pack to stop it sliding any further.’

Any TV bloopers?
‘We made liquid soap in the Georgian kitchen and it was so sooty in there that all Michael and I seemed to be doing was getting soot all over us.’