Meet Ruth Akers, costumed interpreter

Ruth Akers, costumed interpreter at Wordsworth House © National Trust

Ruth Akers, costumed interpreter at Wordsworth House

Ruth Akers
Costumed interpreter (servant)
Wordsworth House, Cumbria

Ruth has worked at the Trust for less than a year
Ruth says: ‘I have a BSc and MSc in biological sciences and a PGCE and previous to this job I was working as a Science Teacher in a secondary school. Funny how things turn out! After deciding to leave the teaching profession I felt somewhat unsure as to the next step, then I saw an advert for the role of costumed servant at Wordsworth House and it sounded just the thing to take me forwards.'

Favourite part of the role?
‘I just love chatting to people, showing them round the kitchen or talking about the Wordsworth family – I love it when we get really curious visitors in who ask lots of questions. It surprises people who know me that I cook food for my job – I’ve never been known as a cook really.’

Best filming moment during Inside the National Trust?
‘I enjoyed any opportunity to learn something from my colleagues, for example when Amanda took us round the garden or when Shelley was teaching us about Georgian underwear.’

Any bloopers during filming?
‘The strawberry fritters were a blooper from start to finish if I’m honest. The batter was all wrong and it just didn’t work.’