Information for dog owners visiting Snowshill

Some helpful tips and information for dog owners planning a visit to Snowshill Manor and Garden.

    Walking with your dog

    Whilst we only admit assistance dogs to the Manor and Garden, there's a great circular walk around Snowshill starting from the top of the drive. You will cross land grazed by livestock (mainly sheep) so please bring and use a lead. There can be some muddy patches so make sure you bring your boots. Download the walk below or pick up a copy from reception.

    Assistance dogs welcome

    An assistance dog wearing a harness

    We welcome assistance dogs in the Manor and Garden. Please help us by making sure they wear their high-visibility identity harness.


    The entrance to the Snowshill car park

    There's very limited shady parking in our car park. To keep your dog safe, please do not leave it in the car on warm days.



    A dog on lead

    There are picnic tables in the overflow car park if you’d like to lunch with your dog. A water bowl is on hand at Reception – just let us know if it needs topping up.